The Courage Game has been chosen by many book clubs and I have had a number of requests to speak at these. I also talk to schools [usually to students of history or politics] and history societies.

I travel all over to deliver these talks, which go down very well. For instance, every school I have been to so far has asked me to return next year. I’ve even been to La Rochelle in France to talk to five schools there, where I talked more about the genesis of the book itself than the history of suffrage, and compared the French journey towards suffrage with that of the UK.

I was wracked with nerves before this one but the students [huge groups of between sixty and ninety-five] were charming and engaged and many stayed behind at the end of the talk to ask advice about writing. It was a wonderful trip.

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To book a talk about the book or about Suffragettes and the history of suffrage, please contact me.

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Some Quotes from Speaking Events

Jeni gave a talk to our 6th formers on suffrage and the suffragettes. They are studying Britain 1906-57. She dressed up and brought artifacts to show the students. Her talk was incredibly engaging, so much so that students stayed behind (after school) to ask her lots of questions about the suffrage movement. The students particularly enjoyed the personal aspect of the suffrage movement, and the impact it had on Jeni’s family. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jeni to visit any school – your students will not be disappointed! We are looking forward to her coming back to Cleeve School next year.
Emma Chatten
Head of History, Cleeve School
A really engaging talk that enthralled both the Sixth Formers who heard the talk and the Year 8s. To hear real life stories really helped to bring history and politics to life for our students…
Emily Cluer
Head of Drama, Pate’s Grammar School

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