Plays for Schools – The New Site for Plays

With Digital Theatre still wavering over whether to allow me to carry on trading for a while, I’m opening the new site for the plays sooner rather than later to be on the safe side. Once called Plays for Student Performance on the Dramaworks website it’s now allowed its very own bespoke site called Plays for Schools:

I decided it was better to open this site now to get you all used to its name and location in case DT decides next week that I must close Dramaworks down. James, my wonderful website manager, and myself have therefore been very busy getting everything in place.

Soon after its opening I shall be putting up new plays from a pile I have accumulated and, as ever, I am asking if any of you have written plays which you have squirreled away in a bottom drawer of your desk. I know that it’s hard to find plays with the right mix of characters and, just as importantly, with all characters having an examinable length of staging time, so there’ll be some out there, I’m sure. If so, think how good it would feel to share your prowess with other teachers and receive a share of any sales as well. A win/win scenario.

You don’t have to work on any of these. Once I’ve seen a play I can tell whether it’s good enough to put on the site and I will put it in the same format as the others myself.

Please send any offerings by post to Jeni Whittaker, 2 College Wood, Penryn TR10 8NB or as an email attachment to [email protected]